An article totally unrelated to ducks


This article isn’t remotely duck related. For example, the above photo is of a chicken, and chickens bare very little resemblance to ducks. Unless, that is, we’re dealing with a chicken, a duck, and a chocolate sports stadium, in which case the duck and chicken both being birds would make the similarities seem stronger. But don’t be fooled: as much as a duck is closer in appearance to a chicken than a sports stadium (let alone a chocolate sport stadium), the above photo is definitely not duck related.

Neither is this:


Though similarly bi-pedal, the above is also definitely not a duck, but is instead the Tony and Grammy award winning actor, Steven Seagal playing an electric guitar.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to those stumbling here out of an insatiable duck interest. Nothing here is duck related.



19 thoughts on “An article totally unrelated to ducks”

    1. I’m glad you find pleasure in denying ducks their day; they’re in such abundance in my parts that it’s impossible to leave home without several ducks demanding a game of chess, or a croissant. I’ve had enough. Expect more veiled anti-duck activism down the track.

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        1. It’s worst than I imagined. But it’s not to late; salvation is still available to you. You need to repent these Anatidae-waterfowl inclinations and seek help before this terrible affliction takes hold any further.

          Also, moo.

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